Brand: Kawai Grand Piano

Model: KG-2D

Finish:  High Gloss Ebony

Style: Concert Grand

Year: 1981


Free first tuning

Comes with bench


10 years warranty on parts and labor from MusicM.

Kawai KG-2D

C$12,995.00 Regular Price
C$9,980.00Sale Price

    Our expert technicians will perform these services on your purchased piano.


    • Check the letoff rail
    • Check the damper lift rod
    • Check the hammer butts
    • Check the hammers to the strings (align their height)
    • Check the jacks to the hammer butts
    • Check and square the backchecks
    • Check and space the keys
    • Check the hammer stroke
    • Check lost motion
    • Check the key height
    • Check the white keys
    • Check the sharp keys
    • Check hammer letoff
    • Check white key dip
    • Check hammer checking
    • Check sharp key dip
    • Check the sustaining pedal
    • Check the dampers to the lift rod
    • Check the damper spoons
    • Check the soft pedal
    • Check the bridal straps
    • Tuning completed