Size: 48";
Polished Ebony Finish;
Made in Japan, 1985;

For anyone who’s short on space but still needs a piano that’s a step above the less expensive 48” models, the Yamaha UX1 is a fantastic choice. It features longer strings and a more solid, cross-shaped back compared to the Yamaha U1.


However, a similarity between the two is they both share a pristine condition both internally and externally. This UX1 has been professionally reconditioned and maintained, meaning there is virtually no damage to the internals nor the exterior wood and glossy ebony finish. As such, it sounds and looks like a brand-new piano. The well-kept, longer strings of the UX1 create a more powerful sound that is both lively and harmonic compared to similar models with shorter strings. It also allows for easier tuning of our UX1 and the tuning to hold for longer. This, along with its added durability from the cross-shaped back means there’s little maintenance required.


If you like the piano and want to purchase it, we provide complimentary delivery within a 100km radius of our store as well as a free piano bench. There is also a 10-year warranty for this piano, so if anything goes wrong, we're there to help.

Yamaha Piano UX-1


    Our expert technicians will perform these services on your purchased piano.


    • Check the letoff rail
    • Check the damper lift rod
    • Check the hammer butts
    • Check the hammers to the strings (align their height)
    • Check the jacks to the hammer butts
    • Check and square the backchecks
    • Check and space the keys
    • Check the hammer stroke
    • Check lost motion
    • Check the key height
    • Check the white keys
    • Check the sharp keys
    • Check hammer letoff
    • Check white key dip
    • Check hammer checking
    • Check sharp key dip
    • Check the sustaining pedal
    • Check the dampers to the lift rod
    • Check the damper spoons
    • Check the soft pedal
    • Check the bridal straps
    • Tuning completed