Yamaha UX30B1 upright Piano year 1989

The UX3 series is the top Yamaha in the U-series line. The difference is in the details. First of all, a more sophisticated scale length (the ratio between the length and thickness of the strings), an improved mechanism, a superior soundboard and at the rear in place of 4 bars an X-frame (= the name of the series). The case is therefore extremely strong and stiff.
All the other materials are of a better quality than the standard U-class models. Thereby fanlight ventilated and radiates more sound out from the front of the instrument. Further, the bass strings a bit longer, despite the fact that the cabinet is equally high. Yamaha has this is achieved by giving the comb a larger curve on the bottom side.

It is better felt and wood used in the hammers and dampers.
From the model UX30B1 be agraffes (termination of the strings) used in such as a wing instead of the so-called "pressure bars".
Furthermore UX3 is hand crafted by professionals with years of experience. The instrument thus gets maximum attention during construction.

The UX3 series was introduced in 1975.
Dimension = 154B x 131H x 65D (cm)

SUPERB SOUND of Yamaha UX series.

Yamaha Upright Piano UX30B1