Yamaha Upright Acoustic Piano
Manufactured in Japan by Yamaha in 1992.

The UX10A is the next model up from the UX1 and features the same long strings and cross-shaped back that differentiate it from the standard U series. However, one major difference between the UX10A and the UX1 lie in the hammers. The hammers in the UX10A allow for more subtle expression and tonal control than the UX1. This allows for a more powerful sound in our UX10A pianos that is bright but easy to control for various dynamics. Another feature present in the UX10A is the larger music stand, which is convenient for playing longer pieces without flipping pages.


To bring out the full potential of this model, it has been professionally reconditioned and maintained, meaning there is virtually no damage to the internals nor the exterior wood and glossy ebony finish. As such, it sounds and looks like a brand-new piano.


If you like the UX10A piano and want to purchase it, we provide complimentary delivery within a 100km radius of our store as well as a free piano bench. There is also a 10-year warranty for this piano, so if anything goes wrong, we're there to help.

Yamaha UX10A


    Our expert technicians will perform these services on your purchased piano.


    • Check the letoff rail
    • Check the damper lift rod
    • Check the hammer butts
    • Check the hammers to the strings (align their height)
    • Check the jacks to the hammer butts
    • Check and square the backchecks
    • Check and space the keys
    • Check the hammer stroke
    • Check lost motion
    • Check the key height
    • Check the white keys
    • Check the sharp keys
    • Check hammer letoff
    • Check white key dip
    • Check hammer checking
    • Check sharp key dip
    • Check the sustaining pedal
    • Check the dampers to the lift rod
    • Check the damper spoons
    • Check the soft pedal
    • Check the bridal straps
    • Tuning completed