Aria Cello CB-280CF


This Aria CB-280 cello is great instrument for beginner to intermediate cello players that perhaps cannot invest in a top-tier cello but still need a reliable one for practicing and playing. It produces a warm, pleasant sound with a lot of smoothness and it is very easy for players of any skill level to get this sound out of the Aria CB-280 due to its finely tuned action and precisely placed sound post. As such, beginners and cello learners will be able to produce this pleasing sound on the CB-280 without much effort, which encourages them to keep playing.

Full Size 4/4
Handcrafted from Selected Grain Wood
Spruce top, maple sides 

Maple bridge 

Action adjusted to allow for a nice, full sound to be played easily 

Comes with padded case, bow and rosin

1 Year warranty labour and parts, local service by MusicM.


The Benefit of Buying Local from MusicM

Almost all instruments require some form of regular maintenance or occasional repair.  Cellos may need new strings or an adjustment to the bridge. Buying this cello from MusicM means you have access to fast, reliable repairs/maintenance by professional technicians 7 days a week. Comparably, e-commerce sites and big-box stores either have slow, expensive repair services or none at all. Thus, buying from MusicM ensures your instruments are always in optimal condition without excessive waiting, costs, or hassle.

Cello CB-280 4/4

C$499.00 Regular Price
C$399.00Sale Price