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Services and Repairs

For Shipping and delivery

$18.90 shipping fee is only applicable for small sized instruments like guitar and violin for within GTA. Shipping cost for bigger instruments like digital piano, cello, drums, etc. may vary according to shipping address.

Regulating Check List (for Upright Pianos)

(Our experts will perform these services)

  • Check the letoff rail

  • Check the damper lift rod

  • Check the hammer butts

  • Check the hammers to the strings (align the height)

  • Check the jacks to the hammer butts

  • Check and square the backchecks

  • Check and space the keys

  • Check the hammer stroke

  • Check lost motion

  • Check the key height

  • Check the white keys

  • Check the sharp keys

  • Check hammer letoff

  • Check white key dip

  • Check hammer checking

  • Check sharp key dip

  • Check the sustaining pedal

  • Check the dampers to the lift rod

  • Check the damper spoons

  • Check the soft pedal

  • Check the bridal straps

  • Check cosmetics / paint

  • Check the sound board

  • Check the tuning pins

  • Tuning Completed

Basic Repair

All instruments should be assessed before accepting for repair.
Beginner instruments only.


Change of Strings

Acoustic Guitar: Labour $13 + Strings

Classical Guitar: Labour $19 + Strings

Electric Guitar: Labour $19 + Strings
Bass Guitar: Labour $13 + Strings
Ukulele: Labour $12 + Strings
Violin: Labour $12 + Strings
Viola: Labour $12 + Strings
Cello: Labour $12 + Strings 

Bridge and Saddle Replacement

Acoustic/Classical Guitar: Labour $15 + Saddle
Ukulele: Labour $15 + Saddle
Violin: Labour $25 + Bridge
Viola: Labour $25 + Bridge
Cello: Labour $25 + Bridge

Install Guitar Pickup

Labour from $29 + Pickup

String Action Setup

Acoustic Guitar: $18
Classical Guitar: $18
Electric Gu
itar: $25


Tuning Pegs

Trim to fit the original pegs
Violin: $10/Peg
Viola: $10/Peg
Cello: $10/Peg

New Pegs/Tuning Machine

Acoustic/Classical Guitar: Labour $15 + Tuning Machine
Violin: Labour $20 + Pegs
Viola: Labour $20 + Pegs
Cello: Labour $20 + Pegs

Sound post Setting

Violin: From $25, $9 for reset
Viola: From $25, $9 for reset
Cello: From $25, $9 for reset

Woodwind Adjustments

Minor key adjustments
Flute: From $9
Clarinet: From $9
Saxophone: From $9 

Brass Adjustments

Stuck valves and slides. For other problems please contact.
Trumpet: From $29
Trombone: From $29
French Horn: From $29

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