This Aria CB-280 cello is a favorite among younger players aged 10-12 or anyone requiring a smaller cello that still delivers a balanced, pleasant sound that is free of squeaking. However, although its size and price mean it is loved by many young beginners, the CB-280 cello is no toy and is intricately designed to allow players of all skill levels to achieve a warm, full sound when playing. Specifically, its finely tuned action allows for young players and beginners to hold the strings down easier and its precisely placed sound posts ensure that the maximal sound quality is achieved during a bow stroke. Thus, this CB-280 cello will help students achieve a high-quality sound quicker and thus encourage learners (especially younger ones) to continue playing.

Specifications: 3/4 Size (usually for 10-12 year olds or players with an arm length of around 22-24 in)

Handcrafted from Selected Grain Wood

Body Composition: Spruce top, maple sides, maple bridge

Action adjusted to allow for a nice, full sound to be played easily

Sound post placed in optimal position to allow for maximal sound quality


Comes with padded case, bow and rosin


1 Year warranty labour and parts, local service by MusicM.

Comes with gig bag, bow, and rosin;

1 year warranty parts and labour, local service by MusicM.

3/4 Cello Brand New