88 keys, gradually weighted,Touch-Sensitive keyboard;
Hammer action key touch, Italian technology;
138 PCM voice 100 style;
52 demo songs Key percussion:2 group;
64-note polyphony(max);
Record&play back.Recording Channel:1Record Track;
Reverb chorus split(Left/right hand voice) Dual;
MIDI in/out ports,USB-MIDI(Optional);
In-box Dimensions:60"*26"*16";153*67*42mm;
Set-up Dimensions: 54''(width) * 16''(depth) * 34''(height);137*41*86cm;

Black Finish

Brand new in box;
1 year warranty labor and parts,local service by MusicM;
Shipping cost $19~$29 within GTA.



This modest size digital piano makes it an ideal choice for small bed room or class room without loosing the quality sound of the higher models. The weight is light that you can move it around the house as often as needed. Players can practice at night with headphones without disturbing people around the house or obtain an acoustic tone under heavy amplification without feedback using the line out port.

The DK100A offers an amazing warm classical sound of a real piano. A hammer action like key touch and a keyboard function that allows you to play the digital piano like a real acoustic piano. The harder you strike a note, the louder it will be. The more gently you strike the note, the softer the note will be. Just like a real piano, plus the keyboard's sensitivity can even be adjusted to match your playing style. An adult with a heavier touch will enjoy it as well as a child who is just starting to learn. 

The compact control panel is simple and easy to use. The separate volume controls of the accompaniment and main volume make it easier to blend the volumes of your music.

Like other models, you can TRANSPOSE music key by pressing a single button. No need to rewrite your music. 

Playing with other instruments that are not set to standard tuning is not a problem. Aside from TRANSPOSE function DK100A has a TUNE function that adjusts the tuning higher or lower than the standard.

DK100A can sustain gracefully after hand leaves the keys by using the sustain pedal. The three pedal respond like that of a real piano.

Players can choose 2 kinds of different musical instrument voices to make effect of a duet. This Digital Piano can make a dual sound of the same musical instrument to simulate chorus effect. Users can play percussion by using left hand keyboard keys. Keyboard can be spitted into 2 groups, left/right hand can play 2 kinds of tune. 

This model has 5 demo songs and can store control parameters in 3 memories. With the record and play back feature, DK100A can be used as your music tract.

The Automatic Bass Chord (A.B.C) is a button that switches the left hand (1 to 25) keys to Automatic Bass Chord. In this model, accompaniment chord can be decided by 1 or 2 fingers. The manual that comes with this model shows the needed chord chart and how it is formed. 

MDK100A has 2 standard ports at the back of the piano, MIDI OUT & MIDI IN. By MIDI IN port, users can receive data from outside device (MIDI music instrument or Computer) by MIDI out port, users can send data (Tone & touch data) to outside device (MIDI music instrument or Companies) 

When the digital piano is turned on, reverb turns on automatically that stimulates the effect of reflecting sounds in big room or hall as if the user is personally on the stage. This can be turned off in a single touch of a button. 

There are lots more surprising thing about this model. Come, visit us and try it yourself. We have the best sounding digital pianos for your budget.


Please Note: (For Shipping and delivery)

$15.82 shipping fee is only applicable for small sized instruments like guitar and violin for within GTA. Shipping cost for bigger instruments like digital piano, cello, drums, etc. may vary according to shipping address. 

Digital Piano DK-100A BRAND NEW

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