"88-key stereo multi-sampling piano sound source" that faithfully reproduces the sound and sound of each key of a grand piano, "PHAⅡ" that realizes the look and feel of ivory for white keys and ebony for black keys (Progressive Hammer Action II) Ivory Feel Keyboard ”, a standard model of the HP series that condenses the high basic performance of a piano into a compact yet luxurious cabinet with a depth of approximately 42 cm. With the natural and comfortable touch of the ivory feel keyboard and the fresh piano sound, you can enjoy not only lessons but also piano playing to your heart's content.


  • Unrivaled high-end sound with "88-key stereo multi-sampling piano sound source".
  • The maximum polyphony of 128 sounds that accepts various performance expressions with a margin.
  • "PHA II Ivory Feel Keyboard (with escapement)" provides a more advanced playing feel.
  • "Piano resonance" reproduces the subtle nuances peculiar to a grand piano, such as the resonance between strings and the beautiful spread of sound created when the damper pedal is pressed.
  • Equipped with an external memory terminal to which a USB memory can be connected. It also supports saving songs, SMF data, and playing audio files (wav files).
  • "Grand Piano Presence II" is a new speaker system that uses speakers for mid-low range and tweeters for high range to resonate the highest quality piano sound.
  • There are three types of colors: satin black finish (HP205-SBS), light cherry finish (HP205-LCS), and mahogany finish (HP205-MHS).


From powerful bass to brilliant treble. Roland Piano Digital Piano Sound is an 88-key stereo multi-sampling piano sound source created by thoroughly pursuing the characteristics of a full concert grand piano. By sampling all 88 keys of various grand pianos, which are called world-famous instruments, one key at a time, the differences in the sound and sound of each keyboard are faithfully reproduced. The sound of a full concert grand piano itself reverberates brilliantly. The maximum polyphony is 128 sounds. Even songs that make heavy use of damper pedals and songs with fast passages can be heard firmly to the lingering sound.


"Piano resonance" can express the subtle nuances peculiar to a grand piano. The resonance between the strings, the beautiful spread of the sound produced when the damper pedal is pressed, and the change in the lingering sound that differs depending on the speed of key release are beautifully reproduced. It has a rich performance expressive power as a piano.


"3D Sound Control" realizes a sense of depth that exceeds the size of the main unit, as if you were playing a full concert grand piano. The effect can be obtained in the same way when wearing headphones. At the same time, by using "Dynamics Sound Control" that can add sharpness to the piano sound, you can feel the graininess of the piano sound even in the ensemble.


The HP205 is equipped with a new speaker system "Grand Piano Presence II" that allows the highest quality piano sounds to be heard thoroughly. Speakers for high frequencies and mid-low frequencies are arranged in stereo. With the laid-back treble that spreads toward the player and the rich bass that echoes from your feet, you can play with the feeling of being wrapped in the sound of a grand piano.


The damper pedal and soft pedal can continuously detect the delicate depression of the pedal. It enables delicate performance expression using the pedal, such as a slight change in the sound when the damper touches or does not touch the strings, and a change in the degree of extension of the sound when the damper pedal is gradually depressed.


Like a grand piano, it has a natural touch that moves only with the weight of a hammer without using a spring. The bass range is solid, and the treble range is light and comfortable to play. It reproduces the touch peculiar to a grand piano, that when you play it weakly, it sinks quickly, and when you play it strongly, you feel a firm response. In addition, the evolved PHAⅡ keyboard has further improved the responsiveness, and the expressive power from pianissimo to fortissimo has become even richer.


The escapement mechanism reproduces the click feeling peculiar to a grand piano, in which when you press the keyboard slowly, the feeling of resistance increases on the way and then it becomes lighter. A rich expression such as more delicate pianissimo can be achieved.


Using the finest grand piano as a model, the white keys are made of ivory, and the black keys are made of a new hygroscopic material that reproduces the natural texture and feel of ebony. It fits comfortably in your hand and promises a comfortable feel. In addition, the white key incorporates a two-piece structure of "base material + surface material" to achieve the appearance of an acoustic piano and reduce noise when the fingernail hits the keyboard.


With HP205, you can switch touches such as light / standard / heavy. You can adjust the touch feeling of the keyboard according to the strength of your fingers and the purpose of the lesson.
In addition, the playing feeling peculiar to a grand piano is reproduced, in which the hammer moves gently as you gently play the keyboard, and the timing of pronunciation is slightly delayed ("hammer response"). Brings a delicate expression due to the difference in touch.


As with the sound and touch, we are particular about the design. The HP series cabinets have a unified design by using wood grain or similar color parts in every detail. The top plate and music stand have a rounded edge with a high degree of design. The front legs, which add a profound feeling, also provide a stable playing feel. The parts that are touched by the fingertips, such as the music stop with a natural solid wood paint finish and the brass music holder, are both luxurious and comfortable to use.
Available in three variations to suit the interior of your room: chic satin black, calm mahogany tones, and gorgeous light cherry tones.
Of course, we are particular about ease of use, such as a large music stand, an operation panel with Japanese display that is easy for beginners to understand, and headphones and hooks.


Equipped with a metronome that allows you to freely change the tempo and time signature according to the tone of the song and the purpose of the lesson. Also, if you use the built-in recorder, you can record while playing and listen to it again on the spot, which is convenient for objectively checking your performance.
Also, you can enjoy playing without worrying about the time of day, which is unique to digital pianos. All models of Roland Piano Digital can adjust the volume and use headphones. With optional headphones, you can choose from a closed type that allows you to concentrate on your practice by blocking out the surrounding sounds, and an open type that does not tire your ears even if you play for a long time, depending on the purpose of the lesson. Two headphones can be connected, which is convenient for duet and parent-child practice.


Comes with 1 year warranty on parts and labor.

Roland Digital Piano HP205GP