The Yamaha U1M is one of the many variations of the best-selling U1/U10 series. It has a similar balanced, bright tone as some other U1 models like the U10A. The sound of U1M’s are pleasant as-is, but some could say its ability to express can deteriorate with age. However, our pianos have been professionally reconditioned to eliminate this issue.


The U1M at MusicM comes in a polished glossy black finish, with a consistent exterior that looks like new. As mentioned previously, this U1M sounds particularly rich for its 1980’s time period because the sound has been broken in. Our piano has seen light use and regular maintenance of the strings, hammers, felts, and wood by our professional reconditioning team, which eliminates any clunky, jarring sounds in a non broken-in piano. As such, the piano has become extremely expressive and flexible in the range of sound it produces, from high and soft to low and loud. This is also partly due to a responsive and smooth action, a feature made possible via exceptional care of the hammers. Therefore, the control in both the key touch and resulting sound of this U1M have been greatly improved through our reconditioning and turns a normal 1980’s piano into an exciting instrument, capable of producing sound with great depth and richness.


If you decide this elegant instrument is for you, we provide everything you need at no extra cost. We offer complimentary delivery within a 100km radius, a free first tuning by a technician and a free Yamaha piano bench. If any problems arise, there is an included 10 year warranty on this instrument as well.

Yamaha Piano U1M


    Our expert technicians will perform these services on your purchased piano.


    • Check the letoff rail
    • Check the damper lift rod
    • Check the hammer butts
    • Check the hammers to the strings (align their height)
    • Check the jacks to the hammer butts
    • Check and square the backchecks
    • Check and space the keys
    • Check the hammer stroke
    • Check lost motion
    • Check the key height
    • Check the white keys
    • Check the sharp keys
    • Check hammer letoff
    • Check white key dip
    • Check hammer checking
    • Check sharp key dip
    • Check the sustaining pedal
    • Check the dampers to the lift rod
    • Check the damper spoons
    • Check the soft pedal
    • Check the bridal straps
    • Tuning completed