This Zeff alto saxophone is ready-made for band practice and learning. It is a favorite among students who want to pick up the instrument and for players with some experience that need a solid instrument without professional-level prices. This sax features a rounded, full tone that is soothing to listen to and can be controlled to be soft or loud with a little practice. Its smooth action and high-quality pads mean it can be played easily even for beginners because the pads on the keys have great coverage, which prevents leaking and raspy-sounding notes. This is especially noticeable for the octave key – the pad on this Zeff sax is small but intricately designed to stop leakage when playing high notes; a feature that many middle-end saxes lack.


Brand Name: Zeff

Model: ZAT-100

Eb key

Solidly built brass body

Gold lacquer finish

Indented keys give a comfortable place to rest your fingers

High quality pads with great coverage, especially for the octave key - prevents leaking and "dry" sounds

Wide bell opening that allows for a richer, full sound


Comes with a cleaning kit, reeds and a hard case – everything you need to get started.  

Zeff Alto Saxophone Brand New For School Band

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