Small but powerful, the Andrew concert ukulele is built for players that want a richer, louder sound in their uke compared to the more reserved tone of more inexpensive models. Since ukuleles are so small, the build quality matters a lot because there is much less material to carry sound vibrations. This Andrew uke is built with a spruce top and maple back, which resonate sound very well. It also features a high-quality binding (in yellow on the image) to both help resonation and drastically increase the instrument’s durability, meaning you won’t need to keep buying new ones.


Andrew Ukulele
Size: Concert
Finish: Matte
Colour: Dark Green Burst


The Benefit of Buying Local from MusicM

Almost all instruments require some form of regular maintenance or occasional repair. For example, ukulele strings are occasionally broken from over-tuning or improper tuning. Buying this ukulele from MusicM means you have access to fast, reliable repairs/maintenance by professional technicians 7 days a week. Comparably, e-commerce sites and big-box stores either have slow, expensive repair services or none at all. Thus, buying from MusicM ensures your instruments are always in optimal condition without excessive waiting, costs, or hassle.

Andrew Ukulele Concert Dark Green Burst

SKU: MZ-805