MX16 Electronic Drum Set

- All 2 Toms, Floor tom and Snare made with the Real Mesh Head much closer to the Real Drums Reality Feeling
- Snare of 6'' Made of Mesh Head with the Double Trigger system (Center and Rim triggers)
- The 6'' Toms and 6'' Floor Tom made with Mesh Heads
- Crash Cymbal is made of Half Silicone with a Double Trigger ( Two possible sounds on same Cymbal )
- Ride Cymbal is made of Half Silicone With a Double Trigger ( Ride sound and also Bell Sound as an exemple!)
- Hi hat Cymbal is MAde of Half Silicone and will be control with HI Hat Pedal to open and CLose the SOund of the Hi hat

- 12 Drum Sets
- 144 Sounds
- Built-in Metronome

USB-MIDI, Sound Output Jack Out, Earphone Jack Out and AUX-Input Jack


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Digital Drum Set MX16