The Aria P-9 digital piano is a great middle ground between cheaper, entry-level digital pianos that feel flimsy and the high-end digital pianos, which can be cost-prohibiting for many players.


If you’re really looking to learn the piano or just need a good substitute for an acoustic one, the Aria P-9 is a fantastic model for you. Due to its superior key touch (explained below), our Aria P-9 is a music teacher favourite, as it allows for correct piano technique to be developed without shelling out thousands on an acoustic piano. We’ve supplied this piano to music schools for over 10 years with glowing reviews and here’s why:


This Aria P-9 is made to simulate the feel of an upright piano at a fraction of the cost. It has real, hammer-action keys that are gradually weighted, which provide very similar resistance to an acoustic piano. This ensures the key touch of the Aria P-9 is as close to a real piano as possible, especially at such an affordable price. It also includes three pedals, which are the same as the ones you would find on an acoustic piano.


For the creative synthesizers, there are 138 built-in voices and effects for your next track, including reverb and chorus effects.


It is also compact and light weight, at just 130 (L) x 35 (W) x 77 (H) cm, 52 x 14 x 30.8 in when fully set up, weighing only 83.1lbs – perfect for smaller spaces and easy to move around. Lastly, if anything goes wrong, we include a 1-year warranty for parts and labour under a professional technician.


The Benefit of Buying Local from MusicM

Almost all instruments require some form of regular maintenance or occasional repair. For example, this P-9 digital piano’s keys may need mechanical maintenance. Buying this digital piano from MusicM means you have access to this maintenance or repair quickly and reliably from professional technicians 7 days a week. Comparably, e-commerce sites and big-box stores either have slow, expensive repair services or none at all. Thus, buying from MusicM ensures your instruments are always in optimal condition without excessive waiting, costs, or hassle.


Digital Piano 88 Gradually Weighted Keys 3 Pedals (Brand New)

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