Flute 16 Holes
Tone: C Key ;
Material: Cupronickel ;
Offset G Key ;
Closed Hole ;
C Foot Joint ;
E Key Split ;
Finish: Pink Body,Silver Plated Keys ;
Recommended for beginning flutists.

Brand New
For School Band
Easy to Play
Easy Maintenance

Recently Designed Lip Plate, Easy to produce Sound ;
Specially shaped for younger players, with Offset G ;
E Key Split for cleaner and more responsive top E ;
Low C Key spins smoothly, easier to play C ;
Durable and Heavy Duty, Italian Technology Pads,
Closes hole with no leaks.

Comes with a brand new hard case, cleaning cloth and stick;

1 year warranty labor and parts,local service by MusicM.

Flute Pink Finish