Keyboard: 88 notes (A0 C8), RH3 (Real Weighted Hammer Action 3)
Key Cover: Soft-closing type
Touch Control: Light, Normal, Heavy
Sound Generation: Stereo Sampling System
Polyphony: 60 notes (max)
Programs: 30 sounds (5 Pianos, 7 Electric Pianos, Harpsichord, 2 Clavs, Vibraphone, Marimba, Acoustic Guitar, 3 Jazz Organs, 3 Church Organs, 3 Strings, 3 Choirs)
Effects: Reverb, Chorus (3 levels each)
Demo: 30 songs (10 songs in 3 banks)
Metronome: Tempo, Time Signature, Accent and Volume controls
Tuning: Key Transpose, Fine Tuning, Temperament (Equal, Kirnberger, Werkmeister)
Layer Function Pedal: damper (half-pedaling supported), soft, (half-pedaling supported), and sostenuto
Metallic silver accents that add a modern touch to the design


Connections: Output (L/MONO, R: mini-stereo), 2 x Headphones, Damper, MIDI (IN, OUT)
Main Amp: 2 x 11W
Speakers: Speakers (2 x 10cm) with bass-reflex speaker box
Power Supply: DC 12V (External AC adapter) 3.5A
Dimensions: 53.27"W x 10.91"D x 30.59"H
Weight: 93.70lb.

Demo Unit.


1 year warranty on parts and labor by MusicM.


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