This Aria VB-280 violin is made for affordability and ease of use.


We know how frustrating it is when your violin keeps going out of tune seconds after you’ve just tuned it. You’ll never have this problem with the VB-280 violin.  Each violin at MusicM has been professionally set-up by a local technician, including tuning. The tuning pegs on this violin have been handcrafted and shaped to loosen as little as possible, meaning there will be very little tuning required after we initially set it up for you.


Additionally, while this violin is inexpensive, it still produces a deep, rich sound that is clear and crisp. The select maple wood that comprises the side and back of the violin, coupled with the solid spruce wood top provide great resonance for the vibration of the strings and contribute to a smooth sound with a lot of depth across both low and high notes. The strings and bow are of good quality and provide a quick response, meaning music with lots of fast notes are no issue for this violin.


As such, this is a great buy for players who are learning or have some experience and want to continue playing. Its solid composition and sound at a low price mean you get a violin that meets all your playing needs.



The Benefit of Buying Local from MusicM


Almost all instruments require some form of regular maintenance or occasional repair. For example, violin strings are often broken from over-tuning or improper tuning. Buying this violin from MusicM means you have access to fast, reliable repairs/maintenance by professional technicians 7 days a week. Comparably, e-commerce sites and big-box stores either have slow, expensive repair services or none at all. Thus, buying from MusicM ensures your instruments are always in optimal condition without excessive waiting, costs, or hassle.

4/4 Violin VB-280 Brand New

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