Made in Japan, 1990;
Size 5'3;
Perfect Condition.

Relax to the sounds of the world's greatest music
1. Start listening the same day it arrives in your home.

There is no special software to install, and you don't need to purchase any music - special music CDs come with the piano. You can literally start listening as soon as the it is delivered to your home.

2. Hear subtle sounds with crystal clarity.

The volume can be adjusted to meet your particular needs and ensure that your entertainment never disturbs. With the volume set at its lowest levels, it can play whisper-soft sounds while retaining all of the clarity you expect from a Yamaha acoustic piano.

Let Disklavier help you create your own music
1. Simple and easy controls.

Sleek and elegant controls employ a minimum of buttons to keep things simple. The clear and logically laid-out remote is designed to be easy to read as well as easy to use; anyone can quickly and effortlessly enjoy all the it has to offer.

2. Built-in amplified speaker system.

The piano is more than just a top-quality piano. With its genuine Yamaha speaker system, it is truly an all-in-one entertainment system. Each speaker is angled to create a spacious overall sound that beautiful complements the sound quality of the acoustic piano. Whether playing the piano yourself of listening to recordings, the state-of-the-art speaker system will bring your music to life like never before.

3. Bright and clear Display

The piano features a cutting-edge, easy-to-see display panel called an organic electro-luminescent display. Not only is it bright and easily readable from any angle, but it can be seen clearly from a distance as well.

Free Delivery within 100 kilometers, free bench and 1st tuning.

Yamaha Disklavier Grand Piano G1A


    Our expert technicians will perform these services on your purchased piano.


    • Check the letoff rail
    • Check the damper lift rod
    • Check the hammer butts
    • Check the hammers to the strings (align their height)
    • Check the jacks to the hammer butts
    • Check and square the backchecks
    • Check and space the keys
    • Check the hammer stroke
    • Check lost motion
    • Check the key height
    • Check the white keys
    • Check the sharp keys
    • Check hammer letoff
    • Check white key dip
    • Check hammer checking
    • Check sharp key dip
    • Check the sustaining pedal
    • Check the dampers to the lift rod
    • Check the damper spoons
    • Check the soft pedal
    • Check the bridal straps
    • Tuning completed